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Dinar Guru

Wake up now! Be ready when your Iraqi dinars go to rv. Get the facts and a clear action plan from the Iraqi Dinar guru with all the news and predictions.

The Iraqi dinar is the official Iraqi currency for accounting and business purposes. Iraq has begun to significantly increase their production of oil, and as its economy gets stronger, so does its currency.

Get Help From the Dinar Guru

Anyone who has, in recent times, increased any investment in the currency will undoubtedly see ample quick returns and profits. The Dinar Guru will help you understand the Iraqi currency better, and show you how to leverage this unique opportunity to invest in the Peoples Dinar.

26 thoughts on “Dinar Guru”

  1. Are we all rich now? or do i come back tomorrow for more news? Next week
    for more news? Will we still be poor next month? how about next year? The
    RV will surely come by January 2014!! HERES KEEPING UP HOPE! FOR AN RV! not
    a revalue, I just want to tour the US in a Recreational Vehicle. But a
    Dinar RV wouldn’t be half bad either. When’s that happening? Tomorrow? Next
    week? Next Month? Next Year? Next Decade? Next Lifetime? Crossing my
    fingers that Okie is not a scam artist! HERES HOPING!

  2. Never has a currency gone from 1100s to .3 per dollar. Sad but these guys
    are just hoping and hoping. Can NOT go to $3.3 to the IRD. It would mean
    the Iraq’a currency is worth $25 trillion. Not going to happen. Never has a
    currency over night been revalued up this much. I think they will take out
    the 3 places then the dinar will slowly revaluate over time to $1-2.dinar.
    So those 25k bills you have will be worth 25 dinar.

  3. First off, you need to stop listening to all these so called gurus.
    Especially the guru mentioned above. There are no rates at the banks, it
    didn’t RV in country, and there aren’t any glitches keeping the RV from
    happening. Will it happen? My opinion is “yes”, but several things need to
    be in place before so. Whats the rate and date? Well, that is the million
    dollar question. My advice to you is to look at what the economy and CBI is
    doing, don’t listen to these moron gurus.

  4. How do we join Tony’s blog or chat page??? Thanks. Did he ever hear back
    from his friend that was to have went to an apt today at bank? They were
    suppose to let him know WHAT was in the docs they signed . Thanks.

  5. tnt tony is a filthy liar. All the gurus are liars. Call up the cbi, talk
    to an english speaking rep and you’ll see that this is all a scam.

  6. Toe nail Tony (TNT) is freaking sick, that guy needs to see a psychiatrist
    real bad !!!! Maybe you should see one too Gary !!!!

  7. Hey Buck, I wouldn’t even know this scam existed if not for seeing you
    commenting the videos, I did notice some of those silver and gold people
    were trying to encourage people to buy so they could cash out for maximum

  8. Stephen, good stance, however, the only reason an 800# will be associated
    with the Dinar is in support of scammers. A bank will not release an 800#
    for something that happens all the time. The potential huge change in the
    Dinar is the only significant difference compared to business as usual with
    Currency rates. I would stay clear of the groups, and stay focused on the
    way the currency exchange system works now. One day you will wake up, the
    rate will have changed, and you can go negotiate on your own. In fact, I
    would put a large amount on the fact that you would make out much better on
    your own. Never let someone else negotiate for you. They are negotiating
    the spread to benefit the bank and the heads of the groups. You can
    negotiate much better on your own. Don’t believe the double digit nonsense,
    again setting people up for scams. No two ways about it. Keep the faith, if
    this wasn’t a real possibility, it wouldn’t garner so much attention. TNT
    is the key source of pumping along with Okie, none of them are credible nor
    are they reliable. The most recent word from Okie was that others are
    cashing out, something hes said before and backpedaled later, but it is
    impossible because the Dinar is still being traded at 1166 . If so much as
    one person were to exchange at an implied high rate as suggested by these
    gurus, then every bank and every dealer would immediately change the value,
    or stop selling. That is fact, no disputing it. Reports of people
    exchanging, and other bank stories that can’t be proven are pumping, and
    complete lies, no matter how well known the Guru is.

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